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History of the Venetian Carousel

These beautiful Carousels, built in Venice, Italy in the 1800's fashion, are completely handmade and handcrafted throughout. The murals are hand-painted by Venetian artists. Molds have been carefully reproduced from the original Philip Schneider German Carousel constructed in 1898, which was originally turned by real horses until 1928. These Carousels were brought over in thousands of pieces by ship from Venice and reasssembled here for permanent display. The floors are Brazilian oak, the mechanisms are German, and the 420-1800 lights and intricate hand-painted Venetian murals create the spell of romantic enchantment. The "teacup" spinner turns in circles, the horses move up and down and the dolphin chariot sways back and forth. This is a Carousel because it revolves counter clockwise, whereas Merry Go Rounds revolve clockwise. The black horse is for good luck and dates back 2,000 years to Roman Chariot Race tradition.

The Carousel is an art that never fades.

"Few attractions can appeal to three generations of customers like a carousel"

  • 15% of all super regional malls have carousels and growing

  • Carousels are nostalgic, artistically designed and fun

  • Appeals to all ages, especially children under 10 (90% of riders)

  • Provides a restful destination with great repeat business

  • Multiple tie-ins with kids clubs, kids stores, kids events

  • Especially great when kids are out of school (summer peak)

  • Fits the family entertainment and lifestyle trend
  • Why Bertazzon Carousels from Venice Italy?

  • Bertazzon has been in business 80 years

  • the largest producer of carousels in the world

  • over 100 installations in the US

  • great modern production facility with fast turnaround time

  • Hand painted, hand made with nostalgic scenes of Venice from where they are imported

  • Full range of sizes from the giant double-decker to the
    conservative 15' 5" in diameter
    - From 20-72 place adult-size seating capacity
    - Fits almost any food court
    - Ceiling clearance as low as 11' 6" under low ceilings